Waste Paper Collection

Waste paper is an important raw material for the paper and carton industry. It includes cartons, papers and cardboard, whether packaging or not. Saubermacher provides you with collection receptacles in a variety of sizes and picks up your waste paper at regular collection intervals. For large quantities of waste paper, generated, for example, by trade and industry, Saubermacher provides press containers enabling space-saving collection. Following professional sorting, the waste paper is supplied to the paper industry where it is used again to manufacture new paper products. This not only spares timber reserves and protects the stock of trees within threatened old growth forests, but also reduces energy and water usage by as much as two thirds and thereby reduces the environmental impact of paper production.

Waste paper comprises, amongst other things:

  • Newspapers, illustrated magazines, catalogues and brochures
  • Books and notebooks
  • Wrapping paper
  • Letter and writing paper
  • Envelopes
  • Deep freeze cartons
  • Paper bags and carrier bags
  • Cardboard egg packaging

Your advantages:

  • Individually tailored collection intervals
  • Flexible receptacle sizes
  • Space-saving collection containers

Waste Paper Collection