Street Cleaning

We ensure that streets and squares are cleaned and thus places where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Street cleaning guarantees the cleanliness of your traffic routes and their accessibility to persons on foot and on wheels. Cleaned streets and squares moreover provide for an attractive, dust-free townscape and increase the quality of life of your municipality's inhabitants. Apart from the ever present dust, waste that has not been properly disposed of, including for example cigarette butts or cans, is particularly noticeable. Leaves, grit spread in winter and dog faeces are also responsible for the soiling of roads. We clean your streets quickly and reliably using a low-noise road sweeping vehicle. Water jets attached to the vehicles spray the road surface with water during cleaning to prevent dust from swirling up into the air in the process. The advantages of regular street cleaning by Saubermacher are many and varied. Thus, dust-free sweeping not only keeps dirt from windows, facades and storefronts but also reduces the risk of accidents and the costs of sewer maintenance and remediation.

Your advantages:

  • Rapid availability and high manoeuvrability through the use of vehicles with state-of-the-art communication technology
  • Minimisation of the costs of sewer maintenance and remediation
  • Reduced risk of accidents

Street Cleaning