Waste Material Collection Centres

Saubermacher is your experienced partner for the design, planning, construction and manning of a waste material collection centre. Our skill in environmental and recycling questions enables us to guarantee a smooth planning process and compliance with all statutory rules and regulations. Saubermacher waste material collection centres are designed in a flexible manner and can be adapted according to the customers requirements. Whether bulky waste, old wood, old windows, old tyres, construction waste, heraklit, plasterboard, cardboard packaging, plant cuttings, old iron or diverse plastics - we guarantee to accept all waste. A waste material collection centre also offers forward-looking recycling and disposal solutions in the area of hazardous waste, ranging from old paints, waste oil, deep-frying fats and expired medicines to plant protection products, acids and alkali, vehicle workshop waste and batteries to electrical and electronic scrap. Our trained staff accept your waste directly on site and sort it in a legally compliant manner. In the process, you not only save time but also the costs of re-declaration.

Your advantages:

  • Optimally trained staff on site
  • Appropriate disposal through legally-compliant recycling and disposal options

Local Waste Material Collection Centres