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Social and ecological commitment and the collaboration with research facilities are nowadays important factors of success for the economy. We are challenged by the demand to actively contribute in an exchange between science, business, technology and environmental protection.

Technical Training - Research Centre

In times of raw material scarcity, Saubermacher wants to make a significant contribution to resource conservation. A strong foundation for this endeavor is constituted by the new research centre inon Puchstrasse in Graz. Together with universities and research partners from the industry, new recycling methods are being tested and developed. The facility is unique in that it serves as a connection between lab and production plant. Large amounts of waste can be carefully studied here, both in separate material streams and in mixed piles.Saubermacher has spent years working on the recovery of raw materials and is always developing new recycling processes and treatment facilities, even for waste streams that don't currently exist.

EU research project Shreddersort

The EU-wide research project Shreddersort lasts until 2017 and aims at developing new technologies for the separation of the heavy and light fractions of non-ferrous metals. Thereby will be analysed how the selective recovery by combined electromagnetic tensor spectroscopy and laser-induced plasma spectroscopy works. First of all it is essential to find out the frequency and the economic value of the different compositions so that the research study can be optimal prioritised in the following steps. Finally, the last phase of the project will deal with the test of the pilot sorting lines and the assessment of the performance of the sorting technologies under development. Validation tasks will be performed in the research center of Saubermacher in Graz.