Organic Waste Collection

Saubermacher takes care that your organic waste is collected in an ecologically sustainable manner and guarantees fast and safe recycling in compliance with all statutory rules and regulations. Saubermacher supports you with the legally-prescribed sorting and recycling of your organic waste. Whether for the private, commercial or municipal area, we apply our experience for you and work out the best solution together with you. Saubermacher provides you with the optimal receptacles for your needs in sizes ranging from 80 to 240 litres. Collection intervals are individually tailored in accordance with your wishes. As a rule the receptacles are emptied every 14 days during the summer months and on a monthly basis in autumn, winter and spring. Apart from collecting and recycling your organic waste, Saubermacher also regularly cleans the bottom of your receptacles.

Biogenic waste includes, amongst other things:

  • Natural, organic waste from gardens and green spaces
  • Solid plant waste
  • Plant residues generated by commercial and industrial processing and from the sale and distribution of agricultural and forestry products
  • Non-coated paper

Your advantages:

  • Individually tailored collection intervals
  • Separate weighing for precise billing
  • Regular receptacle cleaning to prevent offensive smells

Organic Waste Collection