File and Data Destruction

Saubermacher makes sure that your confidential files and data are reliably and permanently destroyed. As a general rule it is in the interests of companies and private persons that personal and internal data do not fall into the hands of third parties. The legislator also prescribes that personal data are to be treated as confidential and may not be made publicly accessible or forwarded to third parties.

Saubermacher offers you:

  • Installation, collection and exchange of sealed receptacles at times that are individually agreed with the customer
  • Recorded receptacle processing with security guarantee
  • Collection and destruction pursuant to DIN 32757 and/or ├ľNORM S 2109-1
  • Fragmentation of data-containing media to different destruction levels

Designed for:

  • Authorities and all official offices
  • Hospitals, health insurance funds, universities and schools
  • Insurance companies, banks, taxation advisors, lawyers, notaries, courts of law and asset administrators
  • SMEs, large companies, travel agencies, personnel agencies and property administrators

Your advantages:

  • A single point of contact for the entire process execution
  • Immediate data security (following insertion into the sealed receptacle through to irrevocable destruction)
  • The highest possible degree of transparency and security provided by the recording of each operation

File and Data Destruction