Disassembly and Demolition Work

We execute all types of disassembly and demolition tasks for you. Regardless of whether this involves oil tanks, elevators, heating systems, ventilation systems or the dismantling of entire industrial facilities or old industrial buildings - our disassembly teams solve every problem! Following an on-site inspection, Saubermacher prepares you a free quotation for the disassembly or demolition work and executes the entire commission quickly and competently. In parallel, we take care of the associated analysis work, compliance with waste disposal legislation and other applicable legislation as well as precise waste separation. Even challenging cases are no problem for our disassembly teams! Whether the device, the tank or the machine is clad or even walled-in or a previously wide entrance is today impassable and a demolition appears impossible. Our experts are perfectly equipped for just these types of tasks.

Saubermacher offers you:

  • Cleaning prior to disassembly
  • Dismantling using special tools
  • Rapid disassembly and/or demolition work
  • Removal from site and professional disposal

Your advantages:

  • A single contact partner for the entire process execution
  • Legislation-compliant recycling and disposal of all waste generated
  • Cost optimization through competent advice and comprehensive expert knowledge
  • Time-savings through the use of the most up-to-date disassembly and demolition processes
  • Minimal interference with on-going operations

Disassembly and Demolition Work